"Firstly, I’m not a Vegan. However, I have travelled extensively around the world over many years and I like to think I know great food when it is presented to me. I have been lucky enough to taste a range of food from Posh Vegan and I can honestly say, it is of an extremely high standard. I would go as far to call this gourmet restaurant standard. The care and finesse in presentation is very high and the tastes will excite you. Eating a meal made by Posh Vegan is an experience that both vegans and non-vegan’s will definitely appreciate. I am looking forward to the new Posh Vegan Tapas menu and I can recommend Posh Vegan as primarily a wonderful dining experience......" CE Bristol

"What a great meal, fantastic flavours and with simple to follow guides. A lot of food too! Thanks very much." SL Bradford on Avon