No let-up in lock-down for me!

“What a terrible time to start a business” followed by a shake of the head from left, to right, to left, to right, is something I have heard several times in the past three months. But not one to be deterred by a mere pandemic I carried on regardless!

The soft launch kind of accidentally happened when I saw someone asking if they knew of a vegan caterer able to do a birthday meal for them, I responded and Posh Vegan was suddenly brought into the world.

My intention had been to offer private catering, where I arrive with mostly pre-prepped food and finished off the cooking, the plating and presentation in the customers home. However, circumstances have meant I’ve been launched into a whole new world of packaging, plating and re-heating instructions for no-contact doorstep delivery. And it’s a world that I have loved, opening up a totally new direction to the one I thought I would be taking and one that has been very well received by all the lovely customers I have cooked for.

And now, with all that learning under my belt, it’s time to launch properly and push my Posh Vegan baby out into the world and I have chosen this Sunday 21st June (a solar eclipse, a new moon and summer solstice) (You can take the girl out of Glastonbury….etc).

In order to scale up and get delicious vegan food to more people I played with afternoon tea’s, but they are being “done” and so we threw various other ideas around. And then one afternoon, brainstorming with my business mentor, we came up with Vegan Tapas!

A menu that changes fortnightly….starting with “A little taste of Spain” traditional style tapas, and then changing to a more street food mash-up….Mexican/Indian/Oriental type small plate dishes……the kind of things you spread out on a table and have little nibbles of, taking a world food journey on one plate….and then back to Spanish. That way my cooking stays fresh and your experience varies.

And so….on Sunday, Vegan Tapas Takeaway begins. I have set up a web-shop to make the process as seamless as possible, and with some other extra add on’s to tempt you with that follow my principles of vegan, organic and alcohol free…..yes, I usually get another shake of the head when I dare to say alcohol free, but I can deal with it!

The web-shop opens for orders at 9am Sunday and closes at 9am Wednesday. Limited to 10 bags for 2 people, of 8 dishes, so first come, first served. To be picked up from the car park in Batheaston between 6.30pm and 7.15pm on Friday evening. I am looking at expanding into other areas in the future… never know I might pop up in a car park near you!

This leaves me Saturdays to still concentrate on celebration/date night meal deliveries, which even after lock down is over I will probably continue to do in this way.

I’m very much looking forward to the journey and to bringing you some yummy, vegan, Friday night munchy treats that I very much hope you enjoy.




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