Adapting to our current times

Vegan celebration dining

Posh Vegan was due to launch on Tuesday 24th March 2020, the day after the UK went into lockdown.

So, that plan was scrapped!

It has taken me a few weeks to get my head round adapting to our current circumstances. It has also given me the opportunity to recipe test a lot of new ideas....I fear I will definitely be in the "I gained 1/2 a stone in Lockdown" club, if there is such a thing!

I was thinking about adaptability over the weekend and I remembered an anonymous quote I read a while ago-


“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.” 

So, I had a think about what adapting means for Posh Vegan and came up with this-

  • Embrace being comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Know my customers and how their needs might have changed.
  • How can I add value in the current circumstances.

The people I love to cook for love good food. That hasn't fact I am delighted that so many people are starting to cook more from scratch and try recipes that they previously didn't have time to do.

The people I love to cook for love having special food for celebrations and going out to dinner.

The people I love to cook for are still having Birthdays and celebrations during Lockdown!

And so, on Thursday 23rd April, I am starting to take orders for doorstep delivery three course meals, to people in the Bath, Glastonbury and surrounding areas so they can continue to celebrate their special occasions, Vegan-stylie! From Wednesday my utility room will be awash with boxes!

I have put sample menus up, but please do get in touch if you have a fancy for something else and I will do my best to accommodate.

I have also clued up on the latest Covid-19 Food Hygiene, thanks to a friend in the industry. Currently there is nothing to show that food handing will transfer the virus, and rest assured I follow the highest hygiene standards at all times anyway.

I am also awaiting sample packaging for Vegan Afternoon Tea boxes, which will become a "thing" as soon as I have found suitable containers to deliver it in......more information to follow.

I look forward to delivering delicious food to a doorstep near you soon......complete with re-heating instructions and some presentation tips ♥



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