Plant Based food made with love

Vegan food for supper parties, retreats, mid-week meals and special occasions

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Cooks cook to nurture people.....this is not just Vegan food, it's Vegan food prepared for you with love

My belief is that to build a more loving, sustainable, connected world we need  to rediscover our connection to nature.

When we do this we will be more careful and respectful of our resources and not plunder them as if they are a never ending source to be taken for granted.

My business is built on that deep love of the natural world and all its inhabitants.

I treat the plants I work with, with love and appreciation and seek, with respect, to bring the absolute best out of them in the hope that this encourages my customers to think more about plant based cooking, to help them feel connected to what they are eating and to deepen their reverence for nature.


Locally sourced ingredients

The freshest organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices and Fairtrade ingredients where possible

Seasonal menus

How can we help?

Vegan food has come a long way from it's first hippy origins of bland lentils and tofu. It is now a celebration of vegetables, delectable flavours and beautiful health giving nutritious food.

Great cooking for everyone to enjoy, whether you are Vegan or just Vegan curious!

We cater for-

Vegan dinner parties - delivering one course or the whole feast, from canapes through to raw chocolates.

Healthy and fresh

And- we can provide a delicious variety of sharing style dishes for larger gatherings.

Home cooked favourites delivered to your door, to introduce plant based eating to your family a couple of nights a week.

Vegan Tapas Takeaway.

Meals for your Vegan teenager!

Alison is also available to travel for full conscious retreat catering in the UK.

Creative Vegan catering in Glastonbury, Bath and the South West.